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My Buttcrack hurts and it itches

So at the upper part of my butt crack, it has lots of white dried skin around it and over the months I have a cut over it I believe as it itches soo bad and after taking a picture and looking at it I can see there's lots of dry white skin in my ass crack with a thin line of blood red cut, it's been so itchy and whenever I shower and watch it down with water or soap it burns and sometimes it bleeds a little, there is no pus filled in my ass crack, it's just white dry skin around it and a tiny r
ed bloody cut. Please help I am very insecure about it.
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Well, that's no good.  Sounds uncomfy.  How long has this been going on?  There is a rash that specifically gets our folds of skin.  Armpits, under breasts in women, and butt cracks . . . all can be a victim.  It's called intertrigo.  https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/guide/intertrigo-symptoms-causes-treatment-risk_factors_#1  Moisture, heat, lack of circulation and friction ALL lend themselves to this developing.  You should get checked out by your doctor or urgent care if you don't have one.  This isn't serious but can be treated with a topical such as a steroid topical or antifungal, whichever your doctor thinks is best for you.  
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