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Possible causes of leg pain, sudden spider-veins?

I understand that a diagnosis from health experts are necessary but I need to know if anyone has had similar experiences.

Recently, my hands and feet have been red when they want, almost inflammatory in nature, and I can't figure out the cause. Nextly, both my legs experience pain in the past week, and my left leg has been getting an absolute plethora of vericose veins/spider veins in only 24 hours.

I went to the ER twice. Two days ago, I went for vomiting up blood (most likely constipation related, I ate a LOT of food emotionally). And then yesterday, I went because my leg pain was just starting to get bad.

Today, my veins on my left leg are terrible and the pain is iffy. Sometimes bad, sometimes good, regardless of posture. My right leg is just starting to kinda hurt.

Left leg pain is present in thigh, calf, etc.

As of the past 48 hours, my neck (specifically the right) has been stiff and I realized I had a small lump, seems like a swollen lymph node. The skin on my chest, neck, upper arms is rough and slightly transparent, psoriasis-like in nature. Along with the occasional red hands and feet, my arms seem to get a little red sometimes too.

Headaches, neck pain, jaw stiffness/slight jaw pain, etc. have come about today.

SOMETIMES, the skin on my chest and neck gets red and disappears moments later. Also some a recent onset of weird right ear feeling.

ANYWAY, I'm scared and in pain and uncomfortable. The ER did an ultrasound on my legs and found no evidence of clotting.

I do eat a little ****, but for the past week I've been slightly limiting my diet, and I've stopped smoking cannabis to ensure I don't make any existing problem worse.

I'm very very scared. I'm uncomfortable and afraid to fall asleep. That's how odd I feel.

Has anyone experienced such sudden onset of symptoms? Did you figure it out? What could be happening to me?
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Hello~I am so sorry you are suffering with these issues. I wish I had some ideas, but I really think you need to see your GP about this, it could be nothing or it could be something that needs prompt attention.  I hope you find the help you need.
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