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Swollen lymph nodes and HIV

Ok, so I have this fear of HIV for two years now and it is really difficult to live life like this. I had unprotected vaginal and oral with high risk person, after that I started to searching symptoms of HIV and I found many of them on myself. Although I had 7 negative antibody tests I cannot move on with my life because of my symptoms. Since then I had many different symptoms, coughs, oral ulcer on my lower lip every 3-4 months(never had that before on my lip), all kind of rashes, but the worst symptoms are swollen lymph nodes in my neck, groins and armpits, and balanitis which I have for two years now. I mean, that should be a really big coincidence that I developed swollen lymph nodes after my exposure and that they are not connected with my exposure. In the first month after my exposure I could palpate only my node under jaw and my groins nodes which were not very big, but they were palpable. Five to six months after exposure I started to getting more nodes in my neck and my armpits which I still have them and they are much bigger, they are visible in my neck, especially one under my jaw. Athough I must admit that I had never tried to find them before my exposure and I was poking and prodding those nodes from anxiety after exposure. I read that poking can irritate them so maybe I irritated mine and they became swollen but I will never be sure about that. When I stop to touching them, they reduce in size for some time but after a few days they start to swell again and they are always here. My biggest fear is that I know that those swollen nodes are really common in HIV positive people and that it scares me the most. I was at two doctors who saw those nodes but when I say that I tested negative, they only say to move on with my life. My last test was one year after my exposure. I don't think that I am the late seroconverter or that I have a rare strain that cannot be picked up with tests. My fear is that persons who need more time to developed a measurable amount of  antibodies are very common in HIV. And PCRs are not approved for diagnostic purposes in my country so I should be satisfied with antibody tests. I don't know what I should do anymore. I have a girlfriend now and I am very scared to infect her. I have difficulty focusing on my job and my life in general. I think that I could accept my negative status if there are not my swollen nodes. I don't know if a should take another test. If it came negative again I will be peaceful a couple of months but when I see that my nodes are still there I become anxious again and again. At least I think so. What do you think?? If anyone has something smart to say please say it... It would be helpful a lot.

p.s. Sorry about my English

Thank you!
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It is actually normal to be able to feel lymph nodes.  It is not the kind of thing that you will only be able to feel if they are swollen.  I am a registered nurse (and also a former HIV counselor) and in nursing school we had to memorize where every lymph node was in the body and and feel for them on a physical exam of whoever we were practicing on.  The difference between a swollen lymph node and normal will be that of a golfball (or bigger if very swollen) to that of a marble, respectively.  Sounds like you are maybe feeling all your nodes and your concern is causing anxiety & fear.  I would focus on the HIV screen and if more than 6 months have passed since your potential exposure, you can be rest assured that you are HIV - if undetectable after 6 months and beyond.  Take a deep breath and goto a doctor for a full check-up and rescreen just to feel confident you are okay and in the mean time continue to always use condoms with any/all sexual activity so you don't ever have to go through another 6 months of wait/worry/wonder again.  :)
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swollen lymph nodes can be a sign of alot of things including a infection,low white blood cells, lymphoma, and endocrine problems i would def have a thyroid pannel and physical done if they do not go away i know its scary but hang in there!
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