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Why is my throat making wheezing sounds when twisting body?

I’m a 28 year old female.... A few weeks ago I tried doing some exercise, I became out of breath quite quick and then noticed a wheezing sound coming from my throat as I was twisting my body. I stopped as it scared me. Few days after that I noticed the wheezing again as I was sat on my bed and moved my body to the side. So I tried to make it happen, and as I was moving my shoulders side to side it was making the sound every time, even without me breathing. I just opened my mouth and the sound was coming out. It’s really weird as I can make it happen whenever I want. I’ve never experienced this before and I’m worried. I’ve never suffered from asthma, allergies and have never smoked in my life. A little over a year and a half ago I was referred to the ENT department at the hospital as I was suffering from a real bad throat for months. They had a look and said it was acid reflux and put me on tablets. The tablets never worked but eventually went away months after. Recently it’s flared up again and they’ve put me on more tablets which aren’t doing anything. Could this be related to the wheezing? I’m at a loss really because I feel like something is wrong but they’re reluctant to look into it more. I also have a swollen lymph node in my neck that’s been there for 2 years. I’ve had it scanned when it first come up and they said it was benign. Is there any chance it could of developed into something more now? Any advice would be appreciated.
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Hi there, if you’re still dealing with this, check out “snapping scalpula syndrome”. I’ve had this for about a year now (along with some chest tightness), super super annoying & every doc I’ve been to so far haven’t been to helpful aside from ruling things out. But I stumbled upon this thread (common theme between everyone is active & young).


I had an infection with a deep cough right around when this started & it may have triggered a chain reaction that then led to the breathing issue we share. Definitely encouraging to see that I’m not alone and goodness it’s a godsend to see that one comment about the snapping scalpula... appt tomorrow, so we’ll see!
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ebv. is mono probably causing the sore throat.mycoplasma pneumonia is common with chronic epstien barr virus  .i am going through it right now for 6 years now .i probably dont have much longer my blood is really being affected now heart is showing signs of weakness.
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Well, if this person had that she wouldn't be able to do much of anything.  Mono is incredibly debilitating.  Pneumonia is incredibly debilitating.  You're lucky if you can get off the couch when you have these diseases.  But as for the poster, it's not the reflux, you fix that by fixing your diet and not laying down soon after eating, the meds will eventually cause you to just produce more and more acid as you need it to digest protein and some minerals.  Can't suppress it forever.  Eventually you have to fix whatever you're doing that's bothering your digestive tract.  But if you tried to exercise and ran out of breath quickly, if you aren't used to exercising it might take some time to get used to it.  Don't have a clue about the wheezing sound, but a doctor should be able to easily check if you're able to draw complete breaths or not.  
do not take omeprazole .it is bad and  has bad secondary effects.glutamine is a natural protien that calls cd 4s to your gut to help repair the problem instead of masking it .it works very well and uses your own immune system to fix the problem .second yeast most likely is a huge part of your problem .get on the anticandida diet this will lower get your candida levels back to reality and help balance your gut .once you eliminate the gerd the bad bacteria sneaking out of your gut into your throat will lessen or stop and much of the sore throat will be eliminated and in turn your immune system will control the mono better .if you cant put a program together you should see a naturopath .drs will not help until your lungs have heavy damage that would be the point where you register as not being able to draw full breaths you can fix it naturally much sooner .

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