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chest pain left side

hi there i always get this chest pain in my left side i do smoke and drink some times i know alot of other people i read about on here or other web sites have had the same thing kinda and they have not found a answer to it any ways i v had it for alomst a year now and its getting really bad where the pain wont go a way it feels like haert attact some times but its not iv seen docters about it and they dont know what it is and keep giving me pills iv tryied every thing to make it go away tums advil a warm bag icey cold it just dont go away what is it and why cant docters find out why its there or what it is please help me
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I am sorry for the delay in reply. I am not sure how I missed the post. I apologize.

Left side chest pain can be due to many causes like heart attack, ‘costochondritis’ which is inflammation of your rib joint with your chest bone, fibromyalgia (pain of the connective tissue of the chest), high blood pressure, gastroesophageal reflux disease, hiatal hernia, pulmonary embolism, pleuritis (inflammation of lining of lungs) etc.

Chest pain should not be ignored and needs careful elimination of causes. Please consult your doctor. You may need to undertake a few blood tests and X-rays etc to reach a diagnosis.

I am giving you a link that will help you see all the possible causes of left side chest pain and you can discuss them with your doctor as it is difficult to diagnose without examining.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else. Please keep me posted.
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It sounds like you have the same kinda symptoms as me.  I don't smoke or drink though.  I have pains on the left side and they always begin on my rib cage and wrap around to my back.  It feel horrible and I'm fighting to breathe usually.  Activites such as running bring it on faster and worse.  I was dignosed with cosotchondritis, took steriods for it, and ended up in the hospital because it made my symptoms worse and I couldn't breathe.  Lately, I've had a bunch of cardio tests run and everything is normal with my heart.  My doctor recently told me she has no idea what's wrong and then she left the room.  She hasn't given me any medication for the pain and advil doesn't work anymore.  They are becoming more frequent with the cold weather I've noticed.
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