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had bumps behind ears on head


im 26 and female. Behind both my ears about half way up my head I can feel a small lump on each side under the skin which feel as hard as bone. They have always been there about as long as I can remember, I assumed they were cartlidge or bone I was feeling, is this correct or could it be anything worse. They dont hurt to touch nor do they move, this isnt behind the ear lobe so know not a gland, much higher up on the head behind the ear. Im just going through a slight feeling all lumps and bumps stage I think at mo, oops. Ive never worried about them before as there is one on each side and they arent big and feel just like bone. Any thoughts
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Could these bumps be normal or just cysts perhaps, by the way they dont show up as lumps behind my ears I can just feel them under the skin, they are very small about pea kind of size and as I say have never bothered me (I dont get a disproportionate amount of unexplained headaches and they dont hurt t touch).

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Ive done a bit of my own research and apparently you do have glands higher up behind the ear? Should you be able to feel them at all though? I mean I can feel the ones in my neck if i press my fingers into my neck (oviously what my doc was doing when I went about my tonsils) and as I said although I cant see that well behind my ears in the mirror I dont think theres actually big raised lump its just I can feel them beneath the skin.
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I have also now found similar hard lumps just behind my earlobes (both of them) but am confused if this could just be my bones, I dont think its lymph nodes, my doc apparently felt all my lymph nodes the other day and said they werent swollen, again there is no lump showing above the skin, its only when I press my fingers into my skin..... im getting scared again lol
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