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heart? lungs? runner w/ problems

30 y/o, healthy, have run 1 marathon, exercised regularly for many years.  History of childhood asthma w/ no know cause. Unmedicated most of teenage and adult life except for very occasional use rescue inhaler over the past 3 years, sometimes related to exercise, but usually not (I think it's undetected food allergies that cause flare ups). Since 2005 have had 3 instances of several week periods where my heart felt like it was pounding very hard especially at night, and the need to use rescue inhaler was frequent and unrelated to exercise. I've had 3 ekgs and one stress test, all normal. I was beginning to think it was anxiety and had stopped worrying about it being a heart or lung issue, but another strange incident today has me worried again. I was running at the gym and felt great on a 6 miler. I tend to reach at least 90% of max heart rate at end of my run.  As I began to slow my pace to a jog for cool down, I felt what appeared to be a typical cramp in my left side just below my breast. Then after a few seconds I felt the discomfort radiate up my chest and into my shoulder and left side of my neck. I immediately slowed to a slow walk and briefly felt dizzy and nauseated. Within a few seconds of walking the pain and dizziness completely subsided but I noticed my breathing was very restricted and my chest felt very tight. A few hours have passed and my heart rate is normal (58 bpm even after my rescue inhaler which will speed up heart rate) but my chest feels "fluttery" and I don't feel like I'm breathing quite at full capacity...  Did I just overdo it at the end of my run? Can this be a normal response if didn't breathe right for the last few minutes?  Do I need to go back to the doctor and if so what else should they do after the normal ekgs and stress test?
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Thanks for responding.  Stress test was probably exactly a year ago. Anxiety is self diagnosed... and I haven't had the other symtoms recently that I was previously attibuting to anxiety (pounding feeling, short of breath)  so it's hard to say if it's "flaring up"
BUT... no,  I haven't been sleeping well and I did receive some big news yesterday afternoon a few hours prior to my run...  so maybe that's what it was.
I feel normal this morning so I'm going to keep chalking it up to benign causes at this point and see if it happens again.
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It could be gastro related or anxiety or something more serious. A few seconds of pain doesn't sound like a heart thing. Are you female or male? If female then very unlikely. If male also unlikely but more likely than if you're female if you know what I mean.
Either way you should see a doctor. If it was me I'd see if it happened again but don't take that as advice.

How long ago was the stress test? Is your anxiety flaring up? sleeping ok?

Good lcuk
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