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left sided leg and arm left sided sensations in face

This began in November whilst at work, stressful morning sudden left arm pain high blood pressure, I thought heart attack ECG normal, hospital thought stroke pain in leg and arm side of face fluctuating sensations memory problems. CT scan Heart scan Mri scan head normal. Off about five months simptoms seemed to improve although still weakness left side loss of feeling in parts of body. almost going back to work lighter duties sudden severe back pain lower cant walk feels liken sciatica right down to toes heal, extreme pain, now gone back to original discomfort pain left leg, arm, sensations in face. Stroke clinic said not a stroke, Neurologist taken bloods MRI complete back, degenarative changes some bulging discs but no compression on sciatic nerve. Scan showed soft tissue mass near ovary, could this be causing my symptoms I also have Haemochromatosis can this be causing it. I am desparate now on verge of being pensioned off (Staff Nurse) and no one knows what is wrong with me. I am totally debilitated walk with a stick, cant walk far. cant dress my bottom half, cant stand in same possition for long (lower back pain)
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Thankyou for your comment. Presently seeing Neurologist, Drs said MRI head Normal for age 44, I will read up on Muscular dystrophy, I was taken tramadol for the severe pain but now have stopped on paracetamol and ibuprofen although pain returning difficulty in sitting for very long due to the discomfort in my leg.  I find it difficult to lie on my back and left side and wake up in night with the pain sometimes feels like burning sensation and in my feet
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How are you?
Since your symptoms were acute accompanied by a high blood pressure the first thing that comes to mind is stroke.
MRI will show multiple small infarcts.
It is very unlikely for a soft tissue mass in your abdomen to produce symptoms in your upper arm and memory problems.
Hemochromatosis can produce muscle weakness but the symptoms do not develop so quickly.
The possibility of a muscular dystrophy also cannot be ruled out. Please seek consultation with an experienced neurologist.
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