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leg pain

sometimes not all the time the back of myleft leg throbs and aches, worse when i sit down,the last time it happened was when i was dealing with alot of stress.it hasnt happened for a few days now,there is no red marksonmy legs or buirning sensation someone suggested that it could be early signs of stoke,there are no stroke victims inmy family,i just put it downto stress.please advise
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It could be P.A.D. have the arteies in your legs checked, They will do an ultra sound procedure to see if your arterys have obstructions of any kind, you don't mention your age, but everyone over 50 should have this done if having leg discomfort, just for your peace of mind. It's a stroke prevention. Good Luck to you
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Have you considered your back?  I know that probably doesn't make much sense, but it could be a disc problem.  I had pain in my left leg and it turned out, after much pain and agony, I had a ruptured disc.  You need to find out.  There are a lot of different treatments.  I had surgery, but that was a long time ago.  Sometimes now, if it's not too bad, it can be treated with much less invasive methods.  You might want to check it out.  Good luck.
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I would recommend an ultrasound of your leg to check the veins for a blood clot.  This can cause the pain that you are describing,  Also you should probably be checked for neuropathy just in cause it is the nerves in your legs.  Blood tests should also be done to check your potassium.
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i was thinking it could be my back my doc seems to think its next nerve damage.i am 37,will make an app and check it out,thanks
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If he thinks it is nerve damage, then it is probably sciatica.  It runs from your lower back down to your knee?  If that is what it is, I recommend accupuncture.  The pain meds and neuropathy medicines do not work for my sciatica, but I have had tremendous success with accupuncture.  
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