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liver pain

i am a 35 year old man a heavy drinker.  i have been having abdominal pain around where my liver would be for a few moths now. i also have pale stools about 50% of the time.  i have had normal blood tests 3 times and was also told by one doctor that it could be gastritis. no jaundice or varices.  i have also been experiencing kidney pain, especially after a hard night of drinking that can last a couple of days and chest pain which i have gone to the e.r. for and they ran tests and could not tell me anything.  could all these things be related?  i really don't know what's going on with my body  and any information would be appreciated.  
thanks, alan
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ETOH will kill you and IS a detriment to you health /the amount you are drinking!!!!! Have you had LIVER SPECIFIC ENZYME TESTING? AST,ALT.....?  Also, GALL BLADDER  (gall stones) can cause that pain you are describing/sharp shooting to dull radiating from upper right quad around to kidney area.

Pale, light clay colored stools are indicative of liver, you could have ducts in gallbladder and or liver that are partially blocked.

Also, Do you have seemingly chronic sinusitis? Nasal stuffiness, sore throat, feeling just not well all the time?  

I do not drink etoh and I have had an episode similar to what your are describing. I had a residiual infection of  Mycoplasma  pneumonia/ sinuses, kidneys, where ever. I am taking antibiotics now, as I have been for a while.  It would not hurt to have a quick Mycoplasma swab done. You can find an office that performs testing/ in house/their lab. A swab is taken of your throat/nasal cavity and reagent is applied to determine if Mycoplasma  is present.  

Being 35, you are at a time when you need to figure out WHY you want to drink so much, and find alternate coping mechanisms, consult with a physician about info I have just conveyed to you.   This is just simple advice, but do heed the warning, because you have everything to lose, YOUR LIFE!!!!!

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oh yeah, definitely
u need to cut on drinking
drinking seriously affects ur liver
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If you drink you damage your liver so the pain is from your liver being damaged...My  father is an alcoholic and he had the same problems, 3 years ago he stopped drinking and join AA, He says it is easier to stop drinking than it is to continue with the pain of liver faliure.....
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