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Sore Testicles,Burning Head of Penis, Pain In lower Abdomen and lower right back pain

Hello Experts,

I'm 28 years old.I' have symptons of Sore Testicles,Burning Head of Penis, Pain In lower Abdomen and lower right back pain.

Urine & Utrasound test= negative (No infection, No stone).

2-3 weeks back the pain started some what like this.

1) Had little pain in my testicles and lower back pain.( IT remains for 1 or 2 days).
2) Pain on my right side of kidney.( Urine and right kidney Ultrasound test conducted but negative result. Urologist felt minor stone in ureter tube therefore prescribe me QUinox 500 , Buscopan and Coli Urinal. Please note during this time there was no pain in my testicle, i had only pain in my right kidney  )
3)After continuing above prescribed dose i got relief with my right kidney pain.
4) 2 days later i felt burning during urination and i still remember one time i had red colour of urine so i again consulted to urologist.
5)Now since from week i'm having continous pain in right testicle, pain in lower abdomen,Burning head of penis and lower right back pain.

Please note the pain always start with right testicle.

Thank you for listening and looking forward your kind asistance in this matter.

Many thanks,
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Hi, I can give you my best advice, as I have worked in the medical field for many years, however, I am not a doctor or nurse.  In order for you to get advice from a professional on here, you have to go into the expert forum, and you have to pay moeny for that.  That being said, with the symptoms you have described, they are classic signs of some sort of infection, however, you stated that the tests were negative for infection.  Have you had any lab work done like a CBC, this test is a blood count, it tests for things like anemia and platelet counts, but it also tests your white blood cell count, also called lymphocytes,  which indicates the presence of infection.  The higher your wbc (white blood cells), the more infection.  It may be that you indeed have an infection, however it is not big enough to be noticed in your urine.  A urine test also looks for wbc's that may be present in the urine (wbc's is what makes up the majority of puss) but there is a range of normal and if it is up there at the tip of normal high end, then you may have had an infection, but it was still technically in the normal range so they counted it as normal.  Anyways, you may either have a urinary tract infection, a bladder infection, or a kidney infection.  All of these can be serious if left untreated, however the one I would be most worried about is kidney infection.  The biggest sign you need to watch out for is difficulty urinating, a spiking fever, severe pain in your back (like to where you want to cry).  You may also have kidney stones that were forming, or still too small to see on the scan.  They can't always see the stones in the scan if they are small, but believe me, you can feel them!  Just make sure and follow up with your doctor if it persists or gets worse, oh yeah, and maybe you should go in and have a physical done.  All of your symptoms are also very common with some std's.  Good luck, and be careful.

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Yeah Man, I gotta go with the stones. Same thing happened with me minus the pain in penis head thing. It took two Doc X-rays to find the stone and it was size 11 mm (Pencil Eraser Size). It was exiting out of the kidney and not even in the ureter tube yet but I felt the pain from my back around to my navel and downward into the testicles. It was Hell. Do what u feel is right, but I'd check for that stone again.

For what its worth.
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Thank you for your generious advice. Yet, I have not done CBC test, but i will do it soon. I dont feel like i'm having stone but have some doubt that i' may some sort of infection.

Advice to remove Stone:

One of my friend adviced me to take non-alcohol bear + eat full of watermelon + red bull till you feels that you have done upto your mouth. This will bring strong pressure for urine. When the pressure come try to do some jumping and dumping exercise and then go to for urination with full pressure.

Any comments for this tip?

I hope this will help in removing stone.

Many thanks.
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That sounds completely wierd to me.  It sounds like an old wives' tale, like something that you read while surfing the net at 3 in the morning.  But then again, who knows.....it might work.  What my advice on that would be, if you want to try it, then try it but most definately DO NOT RELY ON IT!!!  Good luck, and let me know if yo have any more questions.

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i ve a pain in lower abdomen and a burnd lik bubble at the tip of my penis. it pains oly when i stand, but not when am sittin! is it a normal thing or gotta meet a doc?
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