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5 mm kidney stones

I am having 5mm calculus in my right kidney in the mid pole.
I want to know is it possible to get it out by surgarrey?
or what are such ways to make it pass through?

thx Dr
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    How are you? Kidney stones usually pass out through the urine stream with in 48hours. But this depends upon the size of the stone.

A 4mm stone has 80% chances of coming out spontaneously, where as 5mm stone has 20% chances. Stones more than this size usually require treatment. Medical management includes calcium channel blockers, alpha blockers etc.

Surgical treatment involves shock wave lithotripsy or percutaneous nephrolithotomy or open surgery. Choice of surgery can be made upon the size and location of the stone.

Get an ultrasound and intravenous pyelogram done and visit urologist for further assistance.
All the best.
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hi i have a kidney stone 5mm, i feel very bloated i had a drink 7 hours ago and it feels like i have only just had it, feel sick cant face another drink of anything, is it normal to feel bloated when you have a kidney stone? kidney stone on my right side thank you very much
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     Thanks for writing in. Bloating may have several causes, the most common being accumulation of liquids and intestinal gas. The most common causes are over eating, fatty foods, allergic foods, any food intolerances, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, ovarian cysts, diverticulosis, intestinal obstruction etc.
Kidney stones cannot cause bloating, but if there is gross disturbance in the functioning of that particular kidney where the stone is located and patient develops renal failure, then vomitings can occur.
Check whether the drink that you have taken is allergic or not. Bloating and burping are usually harmless and go away without treatment. But if you want relief then you can practise drinking more water, taking antacids etc.
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I have a kidney stone the size of 5mm. I found out after EM squad took me to hospital ER. Since then I have NO pain only have to pee and feel like it OFTEN!   I sift for stone. Will these symptoms return or will I pass it with no symptoms?
      THANKYOU!    cr92011
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How are you? As mentioned by Dr Veena, kidney stones may pass out on their own. The size, configuration, and location affect the spontaneous passage of these stones. However, these may recur. There are different of types of kidney stones and calcium oxalate is the most common stone that forms. To prevent them from forming regularly, drink plenty of water and have a proper diet. Take care and best regards.
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I just found out I have a 5mm kidney stone and I was wondering how big that really is and what it could b compared with so that I can "see" what is causing me such pain. Thanks
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I have a size 5 kidney stone in my uteral its been like this for a week. Hasnt moved or passed and my 1st urology dr appt next tues. But the pain is so unbearable. What should i do? Go to e.r
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I do have 5 mm stone

What happened ur stone is it passed ?
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Look on YouTube for kidney stone help and prevention. Drink tons of lemons and apple cider vinegar to help dissolve.
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How large is 5mm polyp?
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