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60 second cystoscopy?

About a month and half ago I had a cystoscopy because for a while I have a very sharp/tight feeling in my urethra, weaker urine stream, etc. the classic symptoms of complications from enlarged prostate. My urologist said the procedure would take 60 to 90 seconds max, and I didn't believe him, since everywhere online it said it would take a minimum of 5 minutes. I asked again prior to scheduling the procedure, and once again, he said it would only take that amount of time. Sure enough, the cystoscopy lasts only 60 seconds, and I was incredibly surprised. He noted no abnormalities anywhere on the report of the procedure. Right after he was done, he said my prostate looks a little big for my age, and to keep an eye on it, but has more recently seemed to backtrack on that statement, and say he saw no abnormalities in my anatomy other than my bladder neck being a little muscular, and my urine stream has gotten worse again, my urination frequency is very spotty even when I have the same amount of fluids every day, and now my lower abdomen has been pushing out a lot further and I have discomfort there often.
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If you don't count the prep time (lubing the urethra with lidocane and giving it a few minutes to take effect) the actual cystoscopy could conceivably only take a minute, although my urologist wasn't quite that speedy.  Still, as long as they're not seeing anything unusual it's a pretty cut and dried thing.  So I wouldn't worry about that.   While it's possible that your other issues are a physical it's also possible that by concentrating on them you're causing it to get worse.  That process is very susceptible to suggestion ("pee shy" for example) and the more you obsess on it the worse it will get.  I know, I've done the same thing at times.  If you have reasons to suspect the competence of your urologist by all means find another and get a second opinion if for no other reason than to put your mind at rest.
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