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Black Dots on penis and scrotum

First, I noticed a lump on the bottom of my scrotum. Disregarded it because I thought it was just caused by irritation from something. It was a bit painful, irritated, itchy. Then a few days later I noticed black dots on the shaft of my penis. One is about a cm big, then i noticed clusters/rows of smaller ones. There are more on the right side than the left, but I feel it's random. I thought they were just scabs so I picked at one. It did come off and now it's kind of an open cut/wound; looks normal for what it is. But the cm large one doesn't feel like a scab and isn't coming off, though I'm not trying hard. The dots are itchy and the dots have appeared on the lump; which probably caused it. I'm starting to believe that more are appearing as the days go on. Also there is redness around the dots.

Not currently sexually active. Have only had one partner, but have had unprotected sex.
I'd like to see what your opinions are, and I'd like to know if I should see a dermatologist or a Urologist.
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