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Bladder wall thickening and kidney stone

I am a 35 year old woman who had a hysterectomy almost 11 years ago,and has diabetes, in the past couple of months my family doctor has done some abdonminal ultrasounds and has found several problems i was totally unaware of first is a kidney stone that is too big to pass on my own so i have been referred to a urologist and on friday she told me that my back bladder wall was thinkening which was unrelated to my kidney stone. Now i am wondering if the bladder wall thickening is caused by my hysterectomy or not or what could be the cause of this. I don't know how long i will have wait to see the Dr for my bladder but i go fro my kidney stone in the middle of July. I was also wondering if there is anythign i can do to help this porblem since my doctor doesn't seem to think there is any treatment until i have the cysto done. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Sincerely Kim
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Hi, I also heard the same case of yours to my friend. For the kidney abnormalities annd/or kidney stones, those are the results of our wrong diet to the foods we eat. So natural cleansing and detoxification by 100% pure vegetable & fruit juice can help the treatment process and helps preventing kidney stones formation and prevent development of bacteria's and or cancerous cells. Personally, I used the vegetable juice to prevent from kidney stones or any kidney failures and it really help me to stay healthy. Try to drink the 100%pure aloe vera gel(vegetable juice) and mixed it with Pomesteen(mixed pomegranate and berries juice). You can buy this in Forever Living Products. All of it are 100%natural vegetable & fruit juice that full of nutrients and anti-oxidant and helps boosting to strengthen our immune system. - virgolady_approdite
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