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Blood in urine after oral sex

this happened for the first time about 13 months ago after a rather long and spirited sexual encounter. when i ejaculated there was no sign of blood, but then when i tried to pee about 20 min later i found my urinary tract blocked, naturally i pushed harder. after doing this i felt something break free, or come loose.

the first thing out of my penis was very dark red, almost maroon fluid (bloody urine), then a large clump of coagulated blood probably 1/4 inch in diameter, and 5-8 inches long. it looked like a bloody, slimy shoestring. after it had passed the dark red fluid turned much lighter red(more of a fresh blood color), and urine flow returned to normal.

Im a broke as hell, top ramen eating college student and of course have no health insurance so naturally i went to the closest planned parenthood for advice. they were convinced that i had contacted a STD, i tested clean. i dont have any typical symptoms of a STD, no burning, discharges, smelliness, and no testicular or abdominal pain.

i do have a normal, active sex life and this doesn't happen often, in fact less than a hand full in over a year. but it seems to be coincidental with oral sex.
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