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Can my pain be related to my back problems?

I have had a bad back for years.  I've had CT scans and MRI even at Mayo's. I know that I have arthritic spurs pushing into my spinal canal, degenerative discs, some stenosis, In the past my pain was limited to my lumbar area; I was advised by a physician at Mayo's "Don't let anyone touch your back."  Since I've seen the bad results of people who've had back surgery, I want to stay away from it.
Since my examination at Mayo' s I had a hard fall on conrete where I landed on my right side which has now caused me terrible pain, in not only my right side, but also in my groin, hip, and abdomen.  This pain often wakes me up at night. Lifting anything at all seems to bring this all on. Also, since taking a long trip by van in June, I simply cannot get rid of the pain for any length of time. Short, periodic alleviation of pain is brought about somewhat by Aleve, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Chlorzoxozone, and Anaprox.  I think I need a very good diagnostician but don't know where to get one who won't immediately steer me toward surgery. Reading on your site has brought to my awareness the possibility of nephritis (I've had kidney stones removed 3 times, but my local urologist claims that by back is causing the pain and not my kidneys.  Do I have 2 unrelated things going on? And also, could my bone spurs be pressing on nerves which lead to the groin and side?  Desparate for answers. (I used to be very active despite my age, but can't do any exercising now; I"m 73.

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