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Complications after anterior vaginal repair with mesh

I had ant/post. vaginal repair with mesh in Dec. 2008 to treat cystocele, uterine prolapse and rectocele. For 10 weeks everything was beautiful--no symptoms anymore. I took it easy, no lifting, no exercise. At the 12 week mark, my surgeon said it was okay to start light exercise........I did and that whole day, I had terrible urinary frequency.....I felt like I had to pee every 10-15 minutes. It was horrible. It did improve slightly with 3 days of rest. Is this normal post-surgery swelling brought on by exercise and i just need to take a few more weeks to recover OR is this indicative of a serious problem.........the ant. vaginal wall mesh affecting the bladder and urethra?

Also, I can't ignore the fact that I feel something in the bladder area, almost pushing on my bladder/urethra in certain positions.......this can't be normal?
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Your pain can be understood.

Each surgical event leads to some degree of change in the body. In your case too there has been some change in the body and it will take some time to heal.

I think it would be best that you carry out mild exercises for a while and allow your body to adjust for some time.

Frequency and a strange tied up sensation do occur with a vaginal mesh. However, if you do feel that this is abnormal, you should get it checked up from your doctor.

Hope this helped. Let me know if you may need any more help/info.

Best regards
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Can you differentiate between a normal difference in sensation and an abnormal symptom occuring with anterior vaginal mesh?

To summarize: when I twist or turn in certain positions, I can feel a 'tug' in that part of my body. Not really painful, but strange, uncomfortable. If I refrain from activity, my urination frequency normalizes (only 3-4 times per day) but I don't feel like i completely empty the bladder, and my flow strength seems weaker.

THe bottom line is this: I am a tough girl (3 vaginal deliveries with no medication at all) and I can suck up pain and move on with my life. But, I need to be active, exercise and get back to my 'highly' active life...............I need to know if I just need more time to heal or am I always going to have problems now that I have mesh?

What do you typically see if a patient wants the vaginal mesh removed? I only have it in the anterior wall.
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my name is cheri I also had the same surgery you had , mine was on nov 12 , 2008, after a few days they sent me home with cath still in, then after 7 days they took it out, i went home drank my water and couldnt go again, had to go back in they did a self cath , in which i had to do for the next month at home in my bathtub. thats just the start, the bloating OMG, seriously people thought i was 6 months preg. well im 46 and a grammy. so we know thats not it, weight gain over 25 pound, so here is the rest. Now i have infections in the vaginal area that WILL NOT GO AWAY
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I go for this same surgery on the 23rd. was feeling uneasy about the whole thing but now I feel worse.
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