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Cough, no mucus

Well my mom has been having this really minor cough about 5 days ago in California. When we came back here to Reno, her coughing has increased tremendously.  I dont know if the weather has anything to do with it. It was much colder here when we got here, but then again, we've lived here for so long, and nothing like this has happened before.

But anyway, my mom has this irritation in her throat.  She isnt trying to clear her throat when she coughs, its just very itchy.
She tries not to cough, and this results in vomitting her food.
Water and tea does seem to help, but it only delays the coughing, which continues later on the day.  We've also noticed that she coughs a tremendous amount at night. I seriously have no clue what to tell her or what medication I just recommend.

It could be the household chemicals that she uses to clean the house...or could she be allergic to something? I really dont want to draw conclusions. I just want to know what I should do before it gets worse.

Your advice will be greaty appreciated.
Thank you so much.

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