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Fear I may have messed me penis up

So I would say for the past year I have probably masturbated more than I should have definitely, probably a bit chronic, I am all so 18 btw. i would say idk 6 months ago my penis started getting a hour glass shape when starting to get hard, and then when it gets hard it’s 100% straight. But that period of getting hard is also occomponied but a bit of pain. I probably should have stopped masturbation and I have stopped like a month or a week here and there but nothing long and it’s usually back to mastubrating a lot every time after a break. There is also a sorness in my urethra that I think is just from cumming too many times. And then a about a couple days ago I took Adderall (don’t lecture me I know) for rec purposes and got pretty bad vasoconstriction I would say. And it made the hour glass shape even more pronounced then before also occompiened by more a little more pain. And I did try masturbating and it felt like on my right side where one of the hour glad shape places are it’s more so indentioned than the left. And also where that crease is it seems to bend that way a little but once again it goes away completely when I’m erect and there’s no pain, well on that side of the Penis it does feel “odd” or that there is weaker blood flood and I’m just scared it’s Peyronies Disease but once again there is no like lump or hardness and my erections are straight. But at 50% erect up to 70 my Penis seems to bend to the right at the crease of the hour glass shape on the right but straights out. I’m willing to do anything to help this.
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Edit: when hard that place I noticed now is a bit endented  but it’s not bent to the right at all.
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Hmmm... tough question, not sure I’ve heard of anything like this before. It’s possible this is a type of peyronies but since it ends up straight when fully erect I don’t know. I’d say this is probably beyond the ability of anyone here to answer, unless someone reading is a Urologist or happened to have a very similar experience & got diagnosed. Best thing would be to see a Urologist, may seem a little embarrassing but they deal with this kind of thing & stuff that’s even more embarrassing all the time, so I’m sure he/she would not be shocked & most certainly would not judge you. And do answer every question completely honestly - they can’t help you if you hold back what could be a very important piece of the puzzle. For them to properly diagnose you, they need every bit of info you can give them. Good luck, hope you can get to the bottom of it.
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