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Frequent urination with vomiting side effects

Hey Medhelp community,

I am currently under the care of a negligent urologist that fails to spend time with my situation. So i need your help!

Heres my problem:

I have frequent urination to the extent it is troublesome. If i drink a glass of water. Within 15-20 min I will have a need to go to the washroom, and 5-6 times after that as well to empty my bladder.

Thing is, I cannot hold my urine for more than 3min*. I feel like it NEEDS to come out. If I do delay doing to urinate, then I feel a strong urge to vomit, my eyes go wattery, and increase of saliva. Its horrible, the former symptom of vomiting comes first, then the saliva, then eyes wattery.

I have gotten the following done:

- cystoscope- This procedure helped me from being able to hold in for 30sec to 3min. A blocked valve was found
- Given all sorts of meds, everything from HP pack( for ulcer) to my current medication which is Vesicare 5mg (solifenacin succinate)
- Kidney x-ray (i think its called that), they make you fast and take pictures of your bladder or kidney. It came out normal
- Had cloudy urine in the past, and small microscopic traces of blood in urine ( about 4-6months ago)

I've had this problem for more than 2 years. Can anyone help me?

Greatly appreciated!

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