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Groin numbness, back pain, Constipation.

I am 25
one year ago  my back went out.. I pulled it and caused a dislocated disk last year because i I used to work at a lumber yard..

Ive been going to doctors every now and then and ive been having financial issues and transportation issues so:
Getting to my appointmets was hard enough- So this was slow progressing on finding out whats going on.

I have severe lower back pain, chronic constipation, blockageing.. Ive had to go to the ER countless times for help with this issue as well as extream unberable lower back pain. My legs swell up and my Back is always hurting. I can't stand sitting or standing for more then two ours. I am tired all the time and I have also lost sexual function: I've lost entire sensation in the glans of my penis and it has traveled downwards to the med section of my shaft and its reaching the base with speeding up proceess and its gotten to a point where now I have trouble getting blood flow to my penis: its beening restricted and because of this issue the glans surface is dry and has no sensation, if I squeeze the glans with my index and thumb finger i can only and bearly feel the center (uretha). My bowels
I have lost strength in my lebs and lower back as well. Im having the runs;... stools are watery and i hardly pass solids.. At first I took a urine test and blood test to see if I had anything.. Nothing.. and the doctor thought I might have had Kidney stones.. I have had a xray done on my back and they said I have a mild case of arthritus.. And possilbly starting DDD (degeneritive Disk DIsease) ... But my docter whom is a physican, care [physision.. has told me that it sounds like something else is going on and wants to see me again. He wants to schedual an MRI..

Now I found out that from my mom's side that she has colon cancer in the family.. IBS irritatble bowel  and .. also Scoliosis..
I have bloating and abdominal pain is has become chronic now and the doc that said I had Arthritis told me she wanted to attempt to clear my bowel issue: it was the first thing: she gave me lactosus. or something like that: And Ive changed my diet to try and produce a bowel movemnt.. This was on tuesday: No  bowel movement yet: Just watery stool.

I also have numbness and needle like tinglings all over in my upper back too and in my arms and chest.. its just gotten worse: its progressing faster.

Then I talked to my friend who said his friend's father said he experienced the exact same symptons and it was because of cancer.. although they couldnt treat him one because it got to severe and he was too old. he was in his 50's.

My mother did say we have colon cancer in our family.. so that being said.. is it possible that these symptoms could match up with a type of cancer? Or cancer in the bowels or back? Would Kindey stones cause these kinds of symptoms?..

If there is anything else that the urology responder wants to ask feel free. I will try to be brief much as possible. ...

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any updates? im experiencing the same things
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I have the same symptoms. Numbness in my body, more on arms and legs  sometimes in my groin, I have constipation, my sexual activity was reduced, pains in my neck, more in the left side and palpitations. I took some creatine before for 3 days (10grams) and began to lift weights I couldn't. I thougt the problem was in my heart, but I went to a cardiologist and he found me ok and told me that it may be my spinal cord and that I have to exercsise regularly to make it stronger. After 2 weeks now I feel better with my heart, palpitation almost gone, neck pain much better, sexual activity increased but constipation and numbness still remain. Numbness is the last symptom I experienced 2 days ago. And now I'm thinking that my spinal cord may be really weak.

P.S. Before numbness symptoms I went to a neurologist and found nothing.

I don't know if I helped you but I hope so and I would like to thank you for sharing your experience.....
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This is a update as on saterday and sunday I had to go to the hospital and twice in the ER.. i got very dizzy and nearly passed out.. on Sunday night I had an MRI of the lower back and a Xray done.. Unfortunately.. no damage or anything abnormal was found..

So now..I don't know what to do.. I have also have been exposed to lead in the past but im wondering if Ive over done my self... I do soldering hobbies that do involve Lead contact.. but I wonder if i had exposer to many times over the years..

The night I went in to the ER.. I lost blood flow entering my penis.. and it became dead cold and contracted to my body cavity of the pelvis.. it stayed that way for nearly an hour and my lower abdomen was hurting all of my back was hurting and pain and fire like sensations was going through my legs also my penis turned nearly blue and was pale it went completely numb.. and it hurt badly in the entire length. I was very upset.. that was when they x-rayed my entire intestenal track and the doctor said everything was fine but I prolly have a weak bowel movement in the intestines.. Like they where just slow and advised me to take fiber and metimucil.. which I have been doing.. But it only helped a little to ease the cramping.. I still have bowel issues.. But the main concern is the pain from my back.. And Now.. every time i stand up.. or sit up.. my penis contracs up againts my pelvic cavity and it hurts badly in the middle to the very base and inside my pelvic region... when I lay down it relaxes and becomes soft and doesn't hurt.. and it uncontracts from the pelvic cavity.

my legs also stop hurting and my back stops hurting a little..

I have been getting headaches and dizzy spills lately and they have gotten worse over time..

So basicaly.. I don't know what else could be going on.. Is it possible the nerve issue could be in the middle to upper back I do get pain in my neck badly too.
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