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Having your testicles kicked / squeezed / stomped lower testosterone / fertility?

Human sexuality is vast, wonderful, and sometimes freaky. There is one fetish called "ballbusting", which is more or less self-explanatory. A dominant female using bodily or otherwise appendages to hit/kick/slap/knee to cause pain to a man's testicles and humiliating him in the process. She may also squeeze or stand on the testicles. This may cause a variety of medical symptoms associated with blunt force trauma afterwards, depending on the severity of the sexual play. For some (though not me), the desire to have their testicles tortured in a more hardcore  "medical" way by having one or more medical needles shoved through the testicles themselves like a skewer. Others are more into attaching weights to their testicles and causing a high amount of tension in all the tensile material in the scrotum / testicles / cords themselves. I've even see videos where a cattle prod or some type of electrical device was used to shock the testicles.

I would like to restrict my question on the most popular version of testicle torture fetish, which is "ballbusting", typically co-morbid (in medical terminology) with having a "foot fetish" so the torture is simply done using parts of the human body. Though please free to make any additional comments should you wish.

1) Can leydig cells / the androgen production process be damaged / impaired through repeated blunt force trauma such as being kicked / stomped in the testicles repeatedly or through excessive pressure by having them squeezed manually or stood on by the weight of a human body as distributed through a foot? If so, is the damage / impairment temporary or permanent? ie, do the leydig cells fully regenerate? I imagine one could draw an axis of "intensity" vs "frequency", could there be some trade off for "optimal safe play" where long term damage does not occur?
2) The effect on fertility / spermatogenesis? Assuming no testicular rupture / torsion, but otherwise moderate to severe swelling with possible varicoceles / internal bleeding (hematoma).

People in the fetish community are often grasping around in the dark, relying on anecdotal evidence. I was however, able to get some indication about "needle play", as tests have been conducted on rat testis with needles to mimic "fine needle aspiration" as that is a valid medical procedure in certain circumstances for male health. No one goes around attaching weights to testicles either, so a complete lack of information on that one. But as for repeated kicking / squeezing, any damage done that way would either be accidental or self-inflicted, so it would be either difficult to gather data or be unethical to do so for large scale epidemiological studies. The few I have seen are more like excerpts from isolated medical cases where a one off severe trauma has occurred, which is not really comparable to the long term effects of fetish sexual play.

When I raised the possible health effects of "ballbusting" with a physician, Captain Obvious answered more or less that "it's not good" and "don't". Quite. But that is not the same thing indicating how bad it is, particular long term if as part of a sexual lifestyle.

I am trying to ascertain answers or approximated / best educated guess answers to these questions because I am concerned about the long term impact of these fetishes on male hormone levels and eventual fertility.
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I'm sorry, but this scenario has been both aggravating me and baffling me at the same time.

Dude, in a sense you're poking your eye and saying it's ok until something happens.......why do it in the first place?! You have an extremely sensitive organ that is ridiculously ease to damage (hence the eye comparison) to rupture a testicle you need a force of 50 lbs or more.

Children can kick 100+ lbs of force. And in case you didn't know, those boys are important to your sex health, energy, mood, strength, bone strength. You're risking losing 90% of your male sex hormone. Is it really worth it losing your health and manhood by self infecting damage or handing your health over to some nutjob whose sociopathic misandry behavior is covered under the guise of "it's a kink!" "Don't judge! Lose a significant part of your health just as long as it as yaaay leading up to it".
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I found this -


It doesn't address testosterone, but does address force and blood clots, etc.



Basically, the concern is circulation and torsion. If you do damage that way, you could lose the testicle and of course, that could damage fertility.

I have to say it, and you might roll your eyes, and so be it - safe, sane and consensual, and only do this with an experienced person. One article I just glanced at (but didn't include because it cited the others) talked to a Domme who had taken anatomy classes so she wouldn't do actual damage to her clients. That's what you need to look for  - someone with that level of knowledge.

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Sigh - every **** is c o c k.
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