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Pain in testicles, help

3 weeks of testicular pain.  Right testicle had severe pain off and on at onset of issue.  9 out of 10 pain on July 21st which was first experience of this issue.  15 episodes of intense pain on only the right with each episode lasting 3-4 seconds.  Then achy tender pain in right for a week.  Then only left started achy tender pain for a week.  Now this last week, both have had achy tender achy pain with periods of worse pain, but no major episodes like the right had on July 21st.

Had cat scan done…all was normal, no signs of hernia.
Had ultra sound done…all was normal, no signs of torsion.

Had urine sample done, all was normal.

No pain in stomach other than bloating feeling off and on.

No lumps in scrotum or swelling or redness.

Never had fever, nausea, or vomiting.

Completed 7 days of ciproflaxacin 3 days ago and still constant achy tenderness in both testicles on and off.  It hurts to barely touch or gently squeeze the testicles.  

I am desperate for help to get back to normal life.
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