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Hernia Repair-swollen scrotum-hydrocele

I was 3 years old when my inguinal hernia was repaired.  That was 50 years ago.
My left testicle started swelling about a year ago and I went to my doctor.  The diagnosis was a left hydrocele.  Surgery was required.  I had this surgery in June (almost 6 months ago).
After the hydrocele corrective surgery my left testicle **really** swelled up BIG.  It did eventually decrease in size, but never to where it should be.  It is still HUGE compared to my right.
Went to the Urologist.  He removed 200mL of fluid a week ago.
Now it is back to same size it was when I went to see him.
He intimated that it may have something to do with the hernia repair that was performed 50 years ago.
What can be done to fix this thing.  
It hurts.  It is unsightly.  My wife hates it banging up against her when we have sex.  

What needs to be done?
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