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I sometimes get pain in my kidneys. Mostly in the morning when i have urine in my bladder. The pain subsides after I go to the toilet and sit or stand straight for a while. This has been going on for the last 2 years. I also feel the need to urinate badly when my bladder isn't full. I think this is an infection that has developed over the last decade. It started from an infection of my penis, the symptoms of which included: burning when urinating, pain after urinating, and the veins became more visible. The first two symptoms have gone, but now urine isn't fully expelled from by body and i need to force it out by massaging the skin behind my scrotum. I have gone to the doctors several times. The first time i got antibiotics and the UTI i had disappeared. It came back again and the antibiotics i got prescribed the 2nd time didn't work. Another symptom is that over the last several years black moles have started to form on my penis. I counted about 15. And they're getting bigger. Also, the skin has become more heavily pigmented in certain areas and i want it to return to normal. No one has been able to help me and I expect that you won't but can you please answer these few questions at least:
Can pigmentation of the skin and the forming of moles which gradually increase in size be indicative in any way of some kind of skin infection?
Is it possible that such an infection could lead to a UTI?
What can I do to make doctors realize i have a problem and get it dealt with? I gave up after about 10 visitations of having to show my penis to different doctors.
Also is there a way i can get rid of the discolouration and moles on my penis without having to get them cut out?
A while ago I poured some detol on my penis which made all my skin go black and dry. I was then able to rip it off and some of the moles came off with it but then this stopped working.
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It isn't difficult for me to urinate. There isn't a slow flow of urine. It's just a very small amount that isn't expelled. Despite this, is it possible that damage is still being done to my kidneys?

There is also pooling in the shaft of my penis so i know that something has happened to my urethra that has caused it to become more narrow, so it's not a stone.

Something else i forgot to mention that may help to identify the problem is that there's many small but not so obvious moles on my scrotum and where the scrotum would touch the inside of legs there's also a few. So I'm thinking that this might mean that bacteria could possibly be the reason for the moles as bacteria may have moved from the skin on the penis onto the scrotum and then also onto the skin on the insides of my legs. Is this viable?

the problem is that I've told the doctor of all of these symptoms and he thought nothing of them because a blood test was done and everything was perfect. This was 3 years ago. Should I have another test done? What if it shows that everything is still fine? How do I convince the doctor that I'm not fine? By malignant potential do you mean that although it may not currently be cancer it could turn into cancer? What kind of test can be done to determine if they are benign or not? I know that there's no way the moles are due to a HPV infection. Does this therefore mean that it definitely is a premalignant condition or could it be something else?

The only abnormality found from my blood test was that there was a high count of streptococcus antibodies. If I was to get another blood test done and high streptococcus antibodies are still present, would this be evidence enough to conclude that the symptoms I'm experiencing are definitely due to an infection?
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It is possible that you have a condition called hydronephrosis. This happens wherein there is backflow of urine in the ureters and the urine pools in the renal pelvis putting pressure on the sensitive renal structures causing pain and damage.

The cause for this pooling needs to be identified (stricture, stone, etc.) as such stasis of urine can result in kidney infections and also cause damage to the kidney from the pressure effects alone.
Impaired renal function (occuring due to various reasons) can cause hyperpigmentation of skin structure, usually over dependent regions sucha s the feet and legs but can appear elsewhere also.

Kidney function tests will give an idea of whether your kidneys are functioning normally.

The appearance of moles or wart over the penis could be a sign of HPV infection or evidence of a premalignant condition. You will need to identify whether the moles are benign or have malignant potential before attempting intervention.

If they are benign you can have them removed through chemical or thermal cautery.

Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.
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