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Is a circumcision necessary?

Last week I had a medical emergency. I was not able to urinate. The head of my penis expanded like a balloon. I was in a lot of pain. When I got to the hospital they tested my blood. It was normal. Next a Urologist put a catheter in my penis to empty the urine in my bladder. The Urologist later told me that I need to be circumcised to urinate like normal. I am wondering if this circumcision is really necessary? Maybe a partial circumcision would be better. Ideally I would like to avoid being circumcised but at the same time I want to urinate like normal.
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Usually penis head swelling is due to an underlying issue.  Balanitis is a common reason and that can be influenced by hygiene which is harder to keep up with when you are not circumcised.  Is that why they are recommending it? I would say that a second opinion would be fine to get if you are unsure you want to go that route.  Your issue with urination is JUST during this swelling or do you regularly have issues?
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