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Is this Kidney Stones?

3 days ago i and the constanturge to urinate.  After i would finish (seems to be a bit premature), i would have the urge to go again.  I had noticed that i dripped, after verifing i was dry. I drank a half a gallon of cranberry juice.  About 4 to 5 hours later (after the inital constant urge to urinate, hour and half after i had the juice), when if finished urinating blood peed out (not drip, but like the last part of urinating). The blood looked fleshy, black stuff also came out. This continued until the next moring.  I called my doctor and he gave me phenazopyridine.  Its been 3 days since i was aware of the inital syptoms.  My penis was sore all day, and still is.  It feels like a scab when its drying up.  Did i have a kidney stone, thats what my doc thinks.  I didn't have the any of the common syptoms associated with kidney stones.  what else could it be?-

-Haven't had sex for a very long while---28 years (my age, not the sex part)

-would it be safe to masturbate?
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The best way to ascertain this is to have a urinalysis done. Gross hematuria or visible blood in the urine requires further evaluation. Kidney stones, bladder stones, a vascular injury, a structural anomaly and inflammation of the kidneys may lead to hematuria.

Kidney stones when small enough may pass through without much symptoms.However, in most cases kidney stones as they pass through the ureters do present with intermittent severe pain in the flank region.This may be associated with nausea and vomiting. Do you have any of these?A urinalysis and a CT scan of the kidneys,ureters and bladder may help ascertain the diagnosis of kidney stones.

Refrain from any sexual activity for the moment until you have been thoroughy diagnosed.

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