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Kidney Stones - Persistant pain without obstruction?

I am a 21 year old male, university student, non-athletic, slightly above optimal weight.

Last December, I felt pain like I had never felt before, in my back right quadrent. In emerg, I got a CT Scan that showed 3 kidneys stones in my right kidney (one of which was obstructing), and one in my left kidney. I was told that the one that was obstructing was only 3mm and the others were similar in size. The pain subsided after 8 hours of morphine and strong NSAIDs, without the stone being passed (I strained my urine). I had continuing intermitant renal colic and tenderness for several days, which completely subsided within a week. I continued to strain my urine (85% of the time due to being unable to at school, etc) for about 2 weeks, and nothing came up. I thought I was through with it, one way or annother.

About a month later, I had reoccuring pain which required an emergency room visit, and once again, several hours of pain with no product, I was sent home, and that was it. I had an appointment with my doctor shortly after, where he seemed unconcerned, and renewed my Percocet/Indomethacin presecriptions. About a month and a half later, I was experiencing annother attack, and the stone got lodged in my penis about an inch from the end, which had to be removed with tweezers. It was 7mm!

Anyways, I have had intermittant pain ever since, in the region of my kidney, often into my testicles. Annother attack lead to another hospital visit, where only two stones were found, and none were decended. Why do I keep getting pain, if there is no obstruction?
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