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Kidney stones, stents, and pregnancy...HELP ME..

Bottom line is I CAN NOT LIVE LIKE THIS!!  My left kidney produced a stone the size of a bean (that's what the doctor said) and it got stuck in the opening of my ureter. This caused a blockage of my ureter and swelling of kidney (and a need to urinate every 2.5 minutes).  Due to pregnancy, doctor said best option was a stent. So I had out patient surgery and had stent installed. It's been about a month with my stent and it's been nothing but BEYOND PAINFUL.  I can't walk, I can't take care of my family, I can't even get out of bed.  The worst part is that all I've been given through all of this is Tempra (something like Tylenol).  I'm American, but live in South America, Catholic Country and apparently they believe highly in suffering here.

Everyday I cry and feel like this just can't be happening to me.  I often tell my husband I don't know how to make it to tomorrow.  I thought I handled pain well.  I had my previous son with midwife at home, no problems.  I think that the constant state of pain and suffering is causing anxiety and now I feel like I am completely overwhelmed and so stressed out.  

I'm aware that taking pain medication is harmful for my unborn baby, but at some point isn't my emotional state a variable??  I mean isn't it more harmful for me to be beside myself in pain than take a vicoden??  I just can't go on like this.  Something has to change.  Where do I go from here??

Please Help,
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ii have stents more then one time sometimes i feel fine other  times i feel the same way you do the pain is so bad i can not do anything.How far along are you?In do know that in the us dr will give pain meds if you do not over do it  if it is for a short time and they give you the risk one big one is the baby can be born with withdraws and that could cause problems if you can not handle ask the dr it is your choose and your life if you feel the pro out wait the cons it up to you the stress is not good on the baby or for you .To do it or not is up to you, you  know what pain you can and can not tack.The pain will be there until you give birth.I hope you fell better soon and everthing works out ok
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Well I am about four months prego now.  I did finally get the dr to give me some tremodol, which is similar to vicoden I think.  I have okay days and then I have days where I don't even feel like walking.  I started to drink tea to break up stones and slowly little pieces are passing. I can't wait for this all to be over.  I heard that it hurts to have the stent removed.  How did teh removal effect you??  Thanks and Take Care, Grace
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glad you are felling better tramadol works great out of all the meds that i have taken it works for me it is not a narcotic it is like Motrin but last longer and and is stronger. also drink water with lots of lemon if you can. I also have heard that the removal of stents hurt was scarded to death but when i got them removed it was nothing no pain some discomfort and cramping nothing to bad it was over in less then two minutes and  some discomfort a few days after nothing to bad but was glad to get them out pain went away and all the problems that were cause by stents were gone
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