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I had a cat scan that showed I have hydrophrenosis.  I was referred to a urologist but can’t get in for a month. Is it ok to wait that long?  It sounds scary to me. Thank you
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Well, it usually affects one kidney while the other kidney does the work of both. It's basically a stretched out kidney.  If left too long, it can cause permanent damage but is a month longer long enough to worry about that? Probably not. Usually it is caused by a blockage in the urinary tract so expect a procedure of some sort to 'unblock', quite possibly a stent will be put in. No cuts with that which is good. so, they'll figure out if you have an infection or kidney stone or what reason why you have the blockage and treat that and you should be good to go.  Are you uncomfortable?
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No not at all. I shouldn’t have googled it because all the information on there scared me ..  thanks got your reply
I forgot to mention I’ve had it before. Had a kidney infection and got a stent. This time it seems like a uti caused it. Just wishing I could get in sooner.
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