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Male Blood in urine and blood clots after intercourse

Hello i am a 35 year old male who started to experience blood and blood clots the first urine right after sex and it only happens after intercourse every other time i urine is good only after sex i have been to my urologist and he cant seem to find out what is going on ive had  a ct scan and cystoscopy and it all came back good if anyone on here has had the same problem please let me know maybe we can get to the bottom of this together thanks
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Is this still happening? Blood in urine and after sex obviously could be bleeding from the urethra or prostate. Rough sex can cause it. (since you mention intercourse, thought I'd mention that). Here is a list of things that can cause this:
    Vigorous exercise, such as long-distance running
    Vigorous sexual activity
    Urinary stones
    Urinary tract infection (UTI)
    Certain medications, including aspirin and other pain relievers, blood thinners, and antibiotics
    Idiopathic: This is the term for an unknown cause. Despite numerous investigations, the cause of hematuria is frequently unknown.

There are a few more serious reasons for it (stones, cancer, autoimmune condition).

That you have this right after sex kind of indicates that sexual activity triggers it. It's likely benign but not great.

I'm hoping it's better by the time you've read this.
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