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Kidney stones?

I'm a nineteen year old girl. A few days ago, I started experiencing over-all mild, lower back pain. I have back problems, so I just got out the heating pad and didn't pay much attention. But the pain didn't go away and it's been getting worse. It had become concentrated in my lower back to the right side of my spinal cord, right over my hip. Sometimes it does hurt in the right side of my abdomen and in the middle of my back, too. I'm 99% sure it's my kidney. I thought it might be a kidney infection of stone, but I have no pain or increased frequency urinating. In fact, nothing has changed about my urinating habits at all. Could it still be a stone or infection? The pain is constant and a sort of hot pain with sharp twinges every now and then.
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Are you following up with your physician with regards to the back problems?

How would you describe the new onset back pain? sharp, dull, throbbing, stabbing. burning?Any referred pain in other parts of the body?

Although your back problem may contribute, you may seek consult with a primary physician to rule out any possible urinary tract infections. A urinalysis will be able to help and your physician may start from there.

Please elaborate on your back problems. Will be waiting for your response.
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It's a constant hot pain with occasional stabs of sharp pain. It's in my back right side, but sometimes the pain extends to the right side of my abdomen. It's worse at the end of the day when I've been up and moving all day. It got to the point where I could feel whatever it was in side of me throbbing. Plus my side is sometimes warm to the touch. I do not have a fever, though. And I'm positive this has absolutely nothing to do with the bones of my back, which is obviously where I have my back problems. This is something inside of me.
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