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Loss of feeling in penis

Hi, im worrying about a lack of feeling in the penis. I seem to have hardly any feeling in it atall, especially when my girlfriend touches it. However I find it fine to get erections or orgasm which is strange as I cant really feel it. My penis is slightly curved and im wondering if it has anything to do with the loss of feelings for instance it being stretched or something. Even when its not errect I dont get much sensitivity even in the places that are supposed to be the most sensitive. Ive read that not touching it or having sex for 6 or so weeks could possibly help for one reason or another. In comparrison to the ammount of feeling I get in say my finger tips when I touch something is basically nothing in comparison to if something touches my penis...so im guessing something is wrong? any suggestions?
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When did this start?

A certain degree of penile curvature is usually present and this may not be something of concern. However, if one palpates some hard bumps on the penile shaft then this may be something that you want to have further assessed to rule out a condition such as Peyronie's disease .In your case, continue to observe the condition. This may be something temporary. In the presence of a burning sensation and loss of sensation in other parts of the body or problems with sexual function, then an initial neurologic assessment may be necessary.
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I cant remember exactly, around 16months ago. There isnt any bumps on it or anything like that, there's no burning and no problem with sexual function, and no loss of sensation in any other part of my body. I have no idea what it is wrong. Ive only talked about it now as its only just bothering me alot
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Hey.  You could try using a penis health creme.  A good creme will contain acetyl L carnitine, which is a natural supplement proven to enhance penis sensitivity.  I use one and it really helps.  Check it out.  
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