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Lost feeling in penis.

I'm 21 years old and I have almost no sensation in my penis. I noticed around a year ago that when I would orgasm it didn't feel quite as good as it used to. It was still pleasurable, but I can't feel my anal sphincter contracting.

Two months ago When I tried having sex for the first time I realized that I have almost no feeling in my penis. I only have slight feeling on the head of my penis. I could not even reach an orgasm. The on;y feeling   get on my shaft is of something that is cooler than room temperature.

I don't know if this could have caused it but I have been a chronic mastrubator since I was 14 (just about everyday of the week) I have stopped for the past 4 days though. Another cause that I think it might have be is an std. I have had unprotected oral sex with three different women in the past three years. But I haven't shown any other symptoms to make me think this is the problem.

I am wondering what the cause of this might be and are the symptoms reversible?
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