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Low grade tumor in urinary bladder


Sirs, I want a suggestion from you and you are requested to go through the details given below.

When I was felt with some pain while urinating occasionally and back pain I contacted urologist and he advised me for ultrasound test of abdomen. From then the day wise treatment reproduced below. You are requested to suggest a medicine.

Impression of ultrasound on 01.01.11: a) small left kidney with a parenchymal scare at the interpolar region.
b) Grade 1 prostatomegaly
c) Mass lesion in the urinary bladder at the right posterolateral aspect-neoplastic lesion(including the possibility of malignancy) needs to be ruled out.
      CT scan Impression on 06.01.11
a)Mass from right posterior wall of urinary bladder.
b) poor planes of cleavage with right seminal vesicle
c) S/O carcinoma of bladder with right seminal vesicle infilteration.
      Surgery done on 07.01.11 and TRBT done and discharged from hospital
            On 09,01,11.
       Biopsy results are as below.
a) Papillary Transitional cell carcinoma grade-II
b) Deposits of tumor tissue
c) Negative for malignancy
Based on the suggestion of the surgeon for post operative treatment
(Radiotheropy suggested) and I have attended TMH/mumbai on 25.01.11.
Systoscopy results  urethra, prostate and ureteric orifices are normal. Bladder   neck elevated. No residual growth and rest of the bladder normal .                                                 Blood results; all are normal except the following:                                                               item               range                 results  
mpv           7.5 to 10.5            7.40      
      basophil        0.0 to 0.2              0.40          
     serum sgpt     10 to 37                  55                                                              cytopathology report: inflammatory reaction and no malignant cells seen in these smears.                                                                                                            Histopathology report:   no propria invasion is seen.                                               detrusor muscle not included.                                                                                       Low grade papillary urothelial carcinoma WHO2004  (WHO1973 grade2)
What will I do now?

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