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Lump IN penis shaft?

So for almost a month and a half now I've noticed a lump in the penis shaft. It is a little more than half way up and it doesn't hurt at all nor is it a hard mass, it just feels like excess soft tissue. The odd thing is that it doesn't stay the same size it never feels bigger than maybe the size of an ingrown hair. The oddest part is that from the side (index finger and thumb on left and right sides of the penis) it has a rod shape as if it is a stiff blood vessel that extends from the top down to around the urethra. Sometimes it is so small that had I never felt it in the first place I wouldn't notice it at all, other times, mostly when I get an erection it is slightly bigger.
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I am 21 years old 5'10" and weigh 220. I am also not sexually active (still a virgin).
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If the lump appears more linear and feels cylindrical to the touch, it is likely that it is a blood vessel that has become more prominent.

It is most likely to be the superficial vein of the penis and this is supported by your observation that the lump enlarges during erection.

There is no cause of worry as this is normally present in most individuals.

If you develop any swelling or inflammation over the lump, do contact your doctor and start antibiotics.

Do keep us posted on any further doubts in this regard.
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I'm a 52 year old male and I have had penis pain for about a year, I also have 2 or 3 lumps about the size of a pea inside the shaft of my penis about halfway between the heads and pelvic bone. it seems to hurt more with erection, but recently it seems to hurt all the time. Anyone know what this might be?
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why dont people comment on Birdman and help with these questions? what kinda of site is this to not respond to serious questions anyhow? did you get any answers to this problem Birdman? please let me know.
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Okay so here's my problem, a lump the size of a quarter inside the shaft of the penis about a 1/4 in thick and round like a quarter. it started about 6months ago. no pain, I noticed when I was showering. it was small the size of a BB now it has gotten alot larger and when I'm erect it seems to feel different the shape and angle of my penis. It also feels different to the touch like there is something harder then the rest of the penis. not normal feeling. I am 43 and have been having problems getting an erection off and on and my desire has gone way down the last few years. my climax is faster and stamina is reduced. I have no history of cancer. no medications pretty good health and active. I do drink heavy and chew. one surgery a year ago for two hernias one in groan area and one in lower stomach. I thought my low sex drive was due to my age and work stress, married for 20 years. now Im worried it could be cancer. anyone have similar issues. with lump in penis or sex drive etc?
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my bf had sum problems in his penis the foreskin had swollen at the top by the chicken string, its stings to wee, and now he has a lump in his penis shaft like on one side, its a lil red on the outta bit he said theres pain there sumtimes what cud this b?
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hey i am having the same exact problem. but i am 18. i have a bump in lower right area of shaft and it doesnt hurt....i cant get fully erect which is really bothering me. what should i do and what is it ????
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Are you guys scared ??
Thea Posts are from 2011, but no one tells what happened afterwards.

Did it go away by itself ?

People !

Give  us some feedback please !
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