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Meatus swollen on one side/urethral pain and discharge

I will try to be concise: I had an unprotected one-night stand several weeks ago. I was tested for STD's (urine and blood) all came back negative. The past few weeks I have had sensitivity at the tip of my penis, as well as swelling on the left side of my meatus. This swelling mostly subsides after urinating, but returns several times a day. I also have noticed small amounts of clear/cloudy discharge (looks like pre-ejaculate). It also seems like there is more discharge during BM, but I may just be paying more attention now. I saw a urologist who examined me and said my urethra appeared normal (there was no swelling at the time) but the tip stung upon examination. My urine test came back completely clear again. I have been having sex regularly with the same girl for the past year, other than the previously mentioned one night. The urologist suggested wearing looser boxers and putting Neosporin on the tip for a barrier. He said there didn't seem to be any blockages (99% sure). Nothing has changed regarding my boxer choices or my grooming habits. Is it possible that this is just friction causing this? What other possibilities are there? I hate to think I'm just over-anxious, but it doesn't seem likely given the way my urethra swells and almost flares out on the left side. The swelling seems to be the worst during the middle of the day when I'm mostly sitting. It is better right in the morning or later on when I am moving more and wearing looser clothing. Any help is most appreciated.
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