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Mild bladder wall thickening

Had a CT scan for unrelated matter and incidentally discovered mild thickening of the bladder wall measures to 0.9cm, small microscopic blood in urine. No burning or pain in peeing. Foul smelling urine when I drink low amounts of water is the normal for me,Hadn’t noticed any pain except slight soreness in testicles. I’m very healthy with no Heath issues except diabetes but it’s been under control for years I’m in great shape physically.32year old male. Can anyone give me insight to if I should be concerned and how concerned I should be
Thank you and god bless
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I'm glad you don't have any symptoms!  Did they take a urine sample to check for bacteria? That's what I'd ask them to do. The wall thickening and micro blood can be signs of a uti that you aren't even aware of. Are you having any prostate problems?
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They did take urine samples at the ER when I had the CT scan for unrelated matter. & they said there was small microscopic blood.But they didn’t give me no medication for UTI or anything, just said they made a appointment with a doctor(tomarrow) for me to be sure to go and urology(month away) they didn’t say anything else. Now I’m going crazy thinking the worst.
Don't go crazy thinking the worst. Most of the time, things are innocuous. We waste a lot of energy worrying about things that never happen. Did you go to the doctor this week? What is the update?
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