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My genitals are hanging tighter and appearing smaller, also bowel problems?

Just turned 21 last month, I've been noticing my penis and testicles are hanging tighter and appearing smaller in size, more so when I have to use the bathroom, but also just in general. My testicles seem to be normal size but it's almost as if there's less room for them in my scrotum if that makes sense, like the sac holding them has shrunk and not the testicles themselves. Lately I've also been experiencing mild pain and discomfort around my anus, which is now red and dilated, and also a little itchy. My libido has also decreased quite a bit, and I've been dealing with erectile dysfunction on and off for a while. I thought maybe it could hemorrhoids but I'm not entirely sure. It could also be like a poor circulation thing or something like that. Maybe even something to do with my prostate? I grow plenty of facial hair so I don't think it's low testosterone. Also I feel obligated to mention a burning sensation and weak stream when I urinate, but it's only happened once or twice. I'd consider myself a generally healthy person who eats right and gets plenty of exercise. I'm about 5'8 and 130 pounds.

Last November I had a lump examined on my left testicle and got an ultrasound with the results coming back normal. It was located around the epididymis so we assumed it was an epididymal cyst. It caused a lot of pain at first but it's since ceased, the lump is still there and hasn't changed in size or shape. I do remember my right testicle shrinking quite a bit but is back to normal now. My doctor did send me to a urologist and he said everything was fine, and that was a couple months ago so maybe it's gotten worse? I'm worried I'll see him again and he'll say the same thing. I do plan on seeing him again anyways, but wanted to get another opinion. I'm not really sure how or why this is happening and was hoping someone can shed some light on the situation.
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