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No control over my bladder??


Hi, maybe someone can please answer my question here, Im not really sure if i have posted this in the right forum, but here goes..

I recently have no control over my bladder/urine, I am just getting over having thrush, i suffered with it for 2 weeks, but went to the doctors, and got a pessery and some cream, so it is eventually going, and like 2 weeks before getting thrush i got a UTI, had antibiotics, so that cleared up ages ago..

The problem is now, is that for the past 2 or 3 days, i have been wanting to urinate alot, and i sometimes dont make it to the toilet, my urine just comes fom me, and it has this strange smell, i cant explain what the smell is, but its very disgusting, maybe i am dehydrated? i do drink water sometimes. Anyhow also i have been getting cramps in my lower tummy, and notice that i also get a dull ache under my left rib and my back also, i have also been very tired, ive been sleeping alot lately, I am not pregnant, i know for sure as i have done many a HPT's and also a Pregnancy test at the doctors, all showed Negative! So what could be wrong with me?

Im sorry for making this post so long, but i am a bit concerned, I am also suffering from flu like symptoms, could that be all down to it? I know i am going to have to go the doctors again, but before i do, can someone please give me some answers, i would appreciate it alot!

Thankyou :)
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