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Pain near pubic bone

Hi there,

I woke up two mornings ago with an intermittent pulsing pain around my pubic bone, just above and to one side of the penis. Based on diagrams I've looked at, it's in the same area as the vas deferens appears to be.

The pain comes and goes constantly. Sometimes up to a few minutes go by with no pain, then I get two or three strong pulses of pain, and they are stronger today than yesterday.

There is no increase in pain when I urinate and no pain in my testicals or penis. The area where the pain occurs is not sensitive to touch. It feels a little like a really intense need to urinate, though not in the same place, and each 'pulse' of pain only lasts for about a second.

I have no related history in the area and although sexually active (which also doesn't cause any extra pain) I am in a monogamous relationship.

I would just ignore the matter and hope it goes away, but its concerning me because it's about 20% more painful today than yesterday, which makes tomorrow something to dread! Any advice or suggestions welcomed.
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