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Possible Kidney stones?

Hey all, I am not new but haven't posted in awhile. Last year around September I passed 3 kidney stones, a very horrible experience. Now I feel I may be getting another attack, but i really can't tell, the symptoms are different. Last time, I had found out i had blood in the urine, and a very bad low back pain, that didn't go away. When the doctor tested me he said it was my kidneys, they were not infected, i just had to pass some stones. I ended up collecting the stones I passed, which took a whole weekend, and found out they were calcium stones. My doctor wanted to do follow work with me but he never went through with it.

Now I am having some symtpoms that maybe kidney related, it seems everytime i walk or I move about my left side, where my kidney is located pinches everytime. It's like I am getting jabbed in that spot, if I sit down the pain subsides, but the minute I get up to do anything it continues. Has anyone who is going to pass a stone had this feeling before? I am also a 30 year old female, I am 5'1 and weigh 126lbs. Thanks!
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With  a history of kidney stones, this sounds like you are still passing it.

It is best to get a consult done again. A kidney scan ,24 urine collection to determine urine calcium, serum calcium and phosphate levels , BUN and creatinine levels will help. Passing stones is a most aggravating experience.

Take in a lot of water. Avoid any dairy products and vegetables tha may be high on oxalate levels.

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