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Post vasectomy pain, a bad problem for some men

Any man who has had a vasectomy and has horrible pain long after the vasectomy
is another sufferer of PVPS, post vasectomy pain syndrome, a difficult to treat
problem caused by doctors. As many as 33% of men who undergo vasectomy are
believed to have this nasty, long-standing physical pain problem caused by big
changes in anatomy, neurology and physiology inside the scrotum.

The reason that numbers of vasectomists/urologists never tell men about this
recognized, known problem following a vasectomy is of course due to the usual
greed in US medicine: these deceptive MDs make lots of money from vasectomies so
they really don't want to inform men of the dreadful pain that can continue for
years following vasectomy. PVPS is both life-ruining and sex-life-ruining. Some
PVPS men can gather up the large money to have a vasectomy reversal which can
end fully or partly the physical pain. But some pay the large sum of money and
fail to get relief from the vasectomy reversal. [Of course the reversals bring
even more money to urologists who are causing PVPS in the first place!]

For help, join the Yahoo online support group which is run by an MD who is not a
urologist. Go to:

http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/VasectomyPain/  to sign up for the group.

Other source of info:



and the Google hits for PVPS:


If you have this horrendous pain many months to years after a vasectomy, get
support, help and information at the above Yahoo group. There are drug, surgical
and injection treatments but the PVPS problem is a difficult one. Why not help yourself?
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