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Postpartum Neurogenic Bladder

I had a C Section in July 2009 following 4 hours of active labour and failed forceps.  For pain management,I had one morphine injection prior to pushing and an epidural thereafter.  More anesthetics were injected in preparation for the Section.  An in-out catheter was used during labour and a foley cather was used during and after the C-Section.  The cathether was removed about 24hrs after the surgery and I was able to urinate.  A few hours after the catheter was removed I had an unusual bloated sensation in my lower abdomen but it wasn't painful because the anesthetics used for the C-Section hasn't completely worn off yet.  Although it wasn't painful, it was very uncomfortable.  The nurse suspected I was retaining urine so she did an in-out catheter and emptied approximately 600cc.  The doctor ordered an indwelling catheter for the rest of my postpartum stay at the hospital.  On the 4th day postpartum I was supposed to be discharged but the doctor wanted to make sure I was able to urinate properly before releasing me.  I managed to void a small amount, not knowing at the time it was indeed a small amount compared to my liquid intake.  An ultrasound scan determined I had about 700cc retained so I had to stay one more day at the hospital.  I was discharged on the 5th day postpartum wearing a leg catheter to manage my bladder issue.  A home care nurse visited me 2 weeks after to remove the leg catheter.  I was told to drink a lot of water and urinate every few hours to make sure my bladder is back to normal.  The home care nurse returned a few hours later to scan my bladder and it was under 100cc? I believe so I wasn't required to use the catheter again.  During this period I have lost the sensation of bladder fullness or the urge to pee.  I made sure I urinated every 2-3 hours to empty my bladder.  This loss of sensation continued for many weeks until September 2009, in the 7th week postpartum.  I was finally feeling a slight senation to void and it increased over a few days until I thought I was completely normal again.  At some point before that a home care nurse scanned my bladder and there was 0cc retention.  I was so happy, I thought I was completely better!!  Unfortunatly, that same week, I had a bit too much soup to drink one afternoon and didn't void before taking a 2-3hr nap.  I woke up with an intense urge to go to the washroom.  I tried and tried to go and was on the verge of urinating but something was holding me back and I wasn't able to go.  This feeling soon became a very painful burning sensation resembling a Urinary Tract Infection.  I thought I had a UTI so I went to a medical clinic to submit a urine sample.  It turned out negative, I didn't have an infection.  I was prescribed pyridium which I didn't take until late in the evening.  The whole night I still thought I was misdiagnosed.  I still thought I had a UTI so I kept drinking many cups of water.  The pain persisted and got worse and worse.  I wasn't quite able to sleep as I kept having the urge to urinate every few minutes but every time I went, it was a small dribble.  I ended up taking some pyridium which was supposed to color the urine a dark orange but my urine color was still light colored even though I took the pyridium 4hrs ago.  I knew something was wrong.  I was up at 2am in immense pain and told my husband I had to go to the hospital, please call the ambulance!  Well, we didn't call 911 but my husband ended up driving me to emergency where I waited approximately 2hrs to discover that I had a case of Acute Urinary Retention and as soon as a catheter was inserted, an immense amount of urine emptied into the bag and I mean a LOT.  It looked like a litre to me.  I was horrified and upset.  I didn't understand why this was happening to me and neither did the ER doctor.  I was sent home once again with a leg catheter which I removed myself approximately 2 days later.  I was careful not to ingest too much liquid at first and slowly I was able to urinate again but this time have lost the feeling that I thought I recovered a few days ago.  The urologist I am seeing said I had Bladder Atony at the hospital and now I have a Neurogenic Bladder.  It is now December 2009, 5 months postpartum and 3 urologist visits and 11 acupuncture treatments later, I still don't have the sensation of a full bladder or urge to go urinate.  I feel it once in awhile but not always.  And every time I feel it, it isn't the same as when I was my normal, healthy self pre-C Section.  I am due for a cystoscopy mid-January 2010.  I really don't want to do it as I'm aware of the risks.  I'm afraid it will damage my bladder even more and I will go into retention or acute retention again.  I thought there are other non-invasive methods to diagnose and treat my problem, such as ultrasound or x-ray of the nerves?  If there is away to avoid the cystoscopy, I would like to not go through with it.  I'm also wondering if this condition is repairable or will I be able to heal naturally?  I am blessed with a beautiful healthy baby, it's the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me and I want to be 100% healthy again for my baby and possibly try to get pregnant again in the next few years.  Please help me.  I would very much appreciate your professional opinion and suggestions.  Thank you.
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Hi, i would like to find out, are u okay now? if yes, can
u share with me what solution have u found out to cure
ur problem? i would be very greatful to hear, thanks.
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