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Prostate problem...Cancer? Prostatitis?

Let me just start by saying I am a 33 year old married male with no history of health problems.

At the end of May I started having pain in my left testicle.

Over the next 2 months I was seen by 3 more doctors with similar issues and diagnosed with epididymitis and prescribed various doses of Cipro(10 days), Apo-Cephalexin (3 weeks) and Apo-oflox(1 week).
Then the pain spread to my right testicle and eventually I started feeling a lot of pressure on my prostate. I had an ultrasound of the testicles that showed apparently no problems.
I saw two Urologists, the first thought it could be a varicocele then changed his mind and thought it was prostatitis. My prostate was 'boggy' and very sore when digitally examined. There were no other side effects other than the pain, pressure and sore testicles in the spermatic cord/epididymis area.  The testicle ultrasound ruled out the epididymitis.

I was prescribed 6 weeks of vibra-tabs(doxycycline hyclate)
At the end of 6 weeks the symptoms had not changed. One urologist has scheduled me for a cystascope to see if there is a narrow urethra causing it and the other urologist scheduled me for a bladder ultrasound, transrectal and prostate at the same time which all showed nothing that abnormal according to the ultrasound technician but I have not seen the doctor yet. Both think it is prostatitis

I feel like I need to urinate badly sometimes, it is very uncomfortable to sit, the prostate feels sore and I get pain sensations like a sciatic nerve pinch down my legs constantly when it is irritated. My testicles also feel sore from the top up to the base of my penis sometimes but not as often as they used to. After ejaculation/sex sometimes the spermatic cord area can feel sore for a day.  Laying down or standing up seems to make no difference, however it seems less irritated in the morning.
I have tried all sorts of herbals with no results

Does anyone have any insight on this?

Thank you so much
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