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Small blood clots, pee out (or vaginal?) blood, UTI diagnosis, but sent away - help!!

Back in Septempber, I had a biopsy on my cervix. Just cellular changes, I'm okay. Took the precautions (no tampons or sex for this long, etc.). Fastforward. Okay, so some 3+ weeks ago, the condom came off in me. When we retracted it, the was no semen inside it (guess where it went?). I am on the. I had the guy get tested and he came back neg for chlamydia, ghonorhea, and syphillys. We had unprotected sex twice or three times since using the withdrawl method (still on pill) and he'd indicated to me that he'd slipped it off before and put it back on when he'd ejaculate.

So earlier this week, I have a cold. Then I am nausiated. The Ramen Noodles tasted funny. I even puked. Then I didn't want ice-cream. All odd and at work a co-worker asked if maybe I was pregnant, I said I couldn't be 'cause of the pill, ect.

Well the next day (this passed Friday night), I'm at work. I had been feeling some discomfort/pressure/pain on what was either my urine track or my cervix (can't tell the difference, sorry!) but no big deal. I had my period last week and although it was lighter than usual, it had ended and sometimes the cyclic discharge can irritate me just a bit down there in the week after (I'm real sensative, diagnosed with hymen remnant). Well I get to work, and I pee a bit. Just a bit. Then I have to do it again just a bit. Saw some brownish/pink. Uhoh. Some 5 mins later, do it again. This time, the toilet paper was covered in blood. It was thin, but blood nonetheless. I think maybe he ripped something. Mind you, I have no other symptoms: no lesions, discharge, pain (except earlier) - just the pressure I feel that feels like I have to pee but not quite the same area where pee comes from. Well I do it again 5 mins later. MORE blood. Its not even urine now. In fact I'm seeing a bit of stickiness and clotting; nothing huge and purple, but stringy clotting nonetheless. This happens a couple times until I speak to my co-worker who suggests pregnancy and I start to think "miscarriage". So I end up leaving. It continues to happen at home and I even get period-like pains. At one point, so much blood is lost that I'm dizzy. Then I even puke. More clotting, still no real pee to see and I'm thinking this is coming from my cervix but can't tell.

This continues until like 1am. So it went on from 9PM give or take until 1AM the next morning. In the duration, I spoke to my aunt, the nurse, who said it's either a miscarriage or a UTI, but that's a lot of blood for a UTI.

The next day (earlier today), I pee and I have some discomfort/burning after the flow is done. Nothing major, but it's there. But no blood. Like, at all. The dude at the phaurmecy says a preg-test would be useless 'cause it wouldn't tell if I'd already miscarried especially since I'd been so early into a pregnancy. Well now I'm in tears because my aunt said something different. I bite and go to urgent care walk-in (have no money or insurance, fun!).

They take my urine. First she says I'm pregnant as of now. Then leaves. Then another woman says no, I'm not, the urine was "positive" though and some guy will tell me for what. Well he comes in and says it's a UTI for sure (nitrate was pos in the pee) and writes the RX but he says they're ill-equipped to check about the blood so go see a gyno. He also says they would have been able to tell had I miscarried last night and they couldn't, so I didn't. Okay fine, cool, but what's this blood and why did it stop?

So I ask - what the heck is this blood? It had small clots, it was a lot of blood - so much I got dizzy. Went on for hours and stopped like it never happened. Neg on pregnancy ergo not preg and NOT miscarriage (though my aunt the nurse thought it would be and my mom thinks it is, plus the other guy said they wouldn't be able to tell anyway. I HATE these people I just want to know! Not knpow what it is *****!) but pos on UTI. Sent away as far as blood issue to obgyn. The prob is, I have no money or insurance and since nobody knows what the h*ll they're talking about, what if it isn't even an obgyn issue?! :(

Anyway, can somebody help me? Please?! I'm so worried and I can't afford this kind of ****!
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