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Spermatocele and Prostatitis

i had problems like frequent urination so i went to the urologist. I was diagnosed with prostatitis and the doctor told me to have an ultrasound(scrotal doppler) done to check if i had a varicocele. After the diagnosis, it was found that i had a epididymal cyst or a spermatocele above the left testicle. The doctor said that there is nothing to worry since there is hardly any issue with a spermatocele. Meanwhile, he put me on medication for prostatitis which included ofloxacin :extended release and also told me to do sitz bath thrice a week. After the medication there was no problem as such and the doctor had told me that prostatitis may recur so masturbation should be done regularly atleast thrice a week. But after two months following the medication, i saw that my spermatocele was atleast thrice to four times the size of my testicles and i've also seen that it obstructs the path of the other testicle too. I feel numb in my testicular area. There is a dull ache and acute discomfort due to the size of it. the size of the spermatocele varies. I'm finding it hard to not masturbate even with one day gap.If i give a gap of even a day, i feel very dizzy , a headache, throat problems and general weakness and a kind of low. Also my ejaculate contains a lot of water apart from semen. Due to the frequency of masturbation, i get very tired. Also, importantly, i have lost my sex drive or libido or whatever one may call it. i've none of it. It feels like i'm having to masturbate just for the sake of feeling well. There is again frequent urination.

Even before having diagnosed with prostatitis and a spermatocele, i was on medication for depression for dysphoria etc for about a year. The medication mainly included olanzapine and escitalopram oxalate. It was the psychiatrist who after further reassessment told me to stop the psy medication.I felt my drive increased once i stopped my medication. It was a kind of relief. Just three months after having had stopped the depression medication, i was diagnosed with prostatitis and spermatocele.

Now i'm not depressed as such, but worried about this kind of lifestyle. I've been doing pelvic floor exercises; but its not helping much.

The doctor said that its a 50-50 chance that spermatocelctomy be a success since the epididymis may or may not be injured; since its delicate and most often, connected to the spermatocele. If the epididymis is injured it would make me impotent, so he said.

Please advise me what has to be done. Is there an alternative? Can i go on with the spermatocelectomy now or later?
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