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Testicle pain i think? (Portugal)

Male 26 years old
Well it all started with blood after playing footbal i went to WC and i had blood in urine, i went to ER because i also have taken tetanus vacine one week  early and i had already urinated blood when i took hepatites vacine 8 years ago, at the er they took me blood all normal and urine (red) was the only problem so doctor send me home and said it was probably due to soccer game. and prescribe anti infeccion pills.
I went home and took a pill every day and pubic pain apeard testicle pain burning feeling in left kidney zone, so i went back to er. they have done a eco abdominal and notice that i have a megar ureter congenital and 4 kidney stones the one with big size 11mm . but no stone in ureter so they said that probably i had a pubalgy, I went home and took anti inflamation piils that were nice for pain. But when i stoped pain in pubic aera and testicle and leg started, went to ortopedic made me a MRI notingh wrong went to urology made me an exame that mesure the urine passing by, it was perfect, but pain did not desapeard so he decide to put me a tube konnecting kidney to blatter during one month i was operated, but pain was getting stronger, the urology doc said me that i had to performe one exame where a camera will go from penis to kidney i acepted, we was looking for a tumor or a stone but there was notinhg all normal so he said me it probably be anxiety, after that i was consulted with neurologist that say i dont have notingh neurologic and say i m problably anxyus i have a lot of anxiety simptons tiwching burning pain headache leg pain testicle pain (left) but this is getting me mad becaus when walking it hurts back front testicle and leg only one side. my question is anxiety can cause this,

Becase they had me MRI head to pelvi and notinhg wrong, blood normal, urine no problem i can notice sometimes when i ejaculat it burns.
Actually tmj pains is killing me.
actually symptons are
Leg pain cramps going to the foot
testicle pain enguinal pain pubic zone pain
pain in some kind of cords that conect to testicle, sometimes testicles are bigger i have dificult standing up
twiching all over my body and trought problems but doctors say its anxiety
my girlfriend works in hospital performe me all possible tests all came normal including lyme decease lupus hiv tyroide etc etc.
My only anormal result was cpk 3600 after sports doctor said it was because i hasn t hydratated and exagerated on exercise because muscle biopsy came normal

Doctor  Neuro prescrived me diazepam 5mg but this hurts like hell, he said me my friend you dont have anything neurologic or patologic so you have to forget it, bur hurts head ear testicle its making me nutts.

I hate doctors.... no one kould help me and i went to a few
Sorry Doctor because bad english But im portugues
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I think that i have made alergie do CIPRO because i took 3 boxes of that drug. And i have neurologic symptons due to that can any doctor confirmed if is normal cipro cause neuro problems
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