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Trigger point injection urethral sponge

I have pain and sensitivity on my urethral sponge inside my vagina. The GYN felt it looked big and an MRI was ran with no evidence of any issues along with a PAP, ultrasound, and vaginal exam. The urologist felt this it was a simple overgrowth of tissue or scar tissue, but touching it is like a painful nerve sensation.

17 years ago, after having a very large baby and a natural episiotomy along with many stitches, I had vaginal pain six weeks later  and unable to resume sex.  The GYN at the time promptly went off and came back with an injection to put in my vagina which resolved the issue.  

My pain the past six months is definitely pin pointed on this urethral sponge, the lumpy area inside the upper vagina .  Can an steroid type injection be put specifically into this area or another area that would affect the sensitivity and pain. Would this help or possible hinder me?  My pain worsens after intercourse along with frequency of urination. I currently use lidocaine gel which does provide temporary relief for a few hours.  

I've also had cystoscopies with the most current one being fine. One and two years ago cystocopies reflected minor inflammation in the urethra, but no disease.  These were done due to frequency.  

My background has been given, but I ask that you please answer my specific question in regard to the injection of the urethral sponge.  

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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